jaYManCash.com Launches LizVicious.com

jaYManCash.com is evil.

Or at least its latest addition is, the deliciously wicked LizVicious.com.

The company’s latest hardcore teen site joins a roster of eight sites, including RavenRiley.com and LadyBoyCrush.com.

Liz Vicious—a gorgeously petite, redheaded Goth with a wild streak—brings something completely different to the program.

“I was sitting in a strip club, minding my own business when this huge fight broke out near me. A great big biker guy was being completely beaten to shit by the cutest little vampire chick I had ever seen in my life,” said jaYMan, a partner in jaYManCash.com. “As she was smashing a bottle over his head, our eyes met and she shot me a smile through a spray of blood and brains. I knew then that this girl had to be on the Internet, so I made her name up—she wanted Emma Price, but I told her that sucked—and Liz Vicious was born.”

Big things are set to come from Liz Vicious.

“My site is going to kick your ass and if it doesn’t, I will,” she said.

Beta tests have been promising.

“This site has been converting extremely well in beta testing, so we expect big things from Liz now that her site is officially open for business,” says 3xTom, a partner in jaYManCash.com.

Promotional materials including free-hosted sites, and free-hosted movie, and picture galleries are available at jaYManCash.com.