Jayla Page Named LoyalFans' Featured Creator for April

CYBERSPACELoyalFans.com on Tuesday announced that Jayla Page has been named its Featured Creator for April 2024. 

LoyalFans’ Creator Spotlight page highlights unique creators on the platform. The Creator Spotlight Featured Creator initiative aims to highlight exceptional members of the LoyalFans community—those who bring an intangible, significant je ne sais quoi to the site.

“I am over the moon excited to be LoyalFans’ Featured Creator for April!” Page enthused. “It means the world to me to be thought about by such an amazing platform. I truly appreciate LoyalFans and what it brings to SWers.”

LoyalFans creators will have the opportunity to learn from Page directly during March’s Featured Creator Interview. The interview will be held on April 17 at 4 p.m. ET during LoyalFans’ regular Level Up Wednesday event. The event is open to current, active LoyalFans creators only. Creators may go to calendly.com/loyalfans to sign up.

In advance of the interview, as a bit of a sneak preview, Page shared some useful advice for creators.

“You are your commercial,” Page asserted. “Market and sell yourself a few times a day. And don’t be scared to put yourself out there. Can’t be a successful ghost, you gotta be seen!” 

Page also discussed her favorite aspects of LoyalFans.

“I absolutely love LoyalFans’ video chat from the app feature,” she shared. “I love connecting with my fans and subscribers at the push of a button and that we live in a time where your favorite SW can be in the palm of your hand.”

On a more personal note, Page added, “LoyalFans is a great place for creators because we can be authentically ourselves without worrying about getting flagged or banned from the site. It makes it comfortable to be a SWer.”

Find Jayla Page on LoyalFans at loyalfans.com/jaylapage_.