Jared Sturman Named GM of Sin City Entertainment

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Jared Sturman has been named General Manager of adult production studio Sin City Entertainment, effective immediately.

The new GM is the son of Sin City owner David Sturman, and the grandson of adult industry pioneer Reuben Sturman.

"It was simply time," Jared Sturman. "I've been working inside the company, getting an inside look, a ground level view, for years now. I know this company better than anyone except my father and I am ready to transform Sin City from a premiere DVD company into a premier multimedia company as our industry struggles to adapt to the rising challenges that new technologies increasingly bring."

Drew Dixon will continue in his role as the company's national sales manager.

"Everyone is excited by the changes happening inside the company right now," Dixon said. "Expect to see great things from Sin City and Mayhem in 2009."

For more information, visit www.sincityfilms.com.