Janine Stars in Paul Thomas' <i>Pipe Dreams</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - New Vivid Entertainment release Pipe Dreams, touted on the box as Janine's "final film," re-teams the blonde superstar with AVN Hall of Fame director Paul Thomas, who last oversaw her in the Federico Fellini-inspired epic Emperor.

And because of the massive sales potential of that teaming, Pipe Dreams is today being shipped out, according to Vivid national sales manager David Peskin, in an equal batch to the one Emperor saw, just affirming once again the never-ending draw Janine seems to hold.

"Janine is fabulous," Thomas told AVN. "She's just fantastic."

Pipe Dreams also re-teams her with Manuel Ferrara (the two took home this year's Best Sex Scene Coupling - Film trophy for their work together in Emperor), playing, as Thomas related, "a plumber given a job in a house to fix the pipes, and they're doing a porno film there, and he decides he wants in on the action. And he goes to one of his older buddies — moi — and says how can he meet these girls? He doesn't want to be a porno star, but he wants to meet the girls. And I say, 'Listen, let's just hold a casting call. You don't have to actually do a movie, we'll hold a casting call ... you'll meet the girls, I know them all!' And he does, and then he meets Janine, who leads him into a dark netherworld of S&M. It's real fetishy. It's very rough sex."

At the same time, Thomas said, "It's very tongue and cheek, very lighthearted."

Four of the scenes in Pipe Dreams feature Janine, and three of those are boy/girls. It hits the street on Oct. 31, and can be ordered by calling David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108, or through the Vivid.com store.