Janine Forced to Return to Oregon Halfway House

ON INTERSTATE 5—As a result of U.S. District Judge Thomas Coffin's ruling yesterday, adult megastar Janine Lindemulder will be forced to spend at least another four months in a halfway house, allegedly for violating the rules set down by her former halfway house, and must cease all adult work during that time ... but the good news is, she can remain married to her new husband, Jeremy Aikman.

"I guess it could be worse," Janine told AVN as she was driving back from the hearing, "but they are having me relocate back to Oregon, and it looks like Portland, so I'll be in Portland as of Feb. 5, for four months, and it looks like no adult work. You can't when you're under supervision of a P.O. [probation officer]. That P.O. can dictate when and where you work, and with who, and all that. Right at this very moment, they denied my upcoming Vivid movie, which was getting started on the 25th of this month, but we're fighting that, we're in the midst of fighting it."

From reports received by AVN, Janine has at least two movie commitments that she now may not be able to fulfill, including a "comeback" movie for Vivid in which she is scheduled to do her first on-camera anal scene.

"Without that movie, without me working on my webcam or anything—no dancing, no website—I'm destitute," she lamented. "It's like, they want me to come back up to Oregon—'How would you like me to get there? Hitchhike?' So I don't have any income, so we are fighting for the movie. Hopefully they'll give us an answer later today, because the 25th is coming up, but we'll see. If they say no, I'm prepared to sell everything, all of my furniture, and pretty much just hang onto the clothes on my back and go up there and do my four months. If I do it well, it means I would be at the halfway house until May, and then if I do that without any hiccups, they'll let me come back to California, and then everything is done Sept. 7; that is when I'm completely in the clear. I can start making movies, start dancing, website, webcam, whatever I want to do, but until then, I'm their little bitch."

Judge Coffin ruled that Janine had violated the rules of her previous halfway house, in that those in charge of the house claimed that Janine had not had the job that she had claimed to have had, and that "violation" was enough to extend her previous one-year sentence.

"The only real issue on which I had to speak up in court was, they said that I violated the terms of the halfway houses," the star explained. "They said I violated the terms, and that's why I'm doing more time in the halfway house. And I actually raised my hand and I talked to the feds, and I said, 'What violations are we talking about here?' And he couldn't name them; he just said there were violations. And it's funny: If I was in a position to really come out and say the truth of what went down—like the second house, there was no violation; they absolutely got it wrong, but at the end, it's their word against mine. They said I didn't have the job at the tattoo shop, that I was lying, I'm a bold-faced liar, and I have proof from the guy that hired me; I have proof from everywhere, so it's absurd that I would get kicked out unfairly, but my voice in this matter holds no weight."

"My original attorney tried to get back on the case, and the judge denied him coming back on; we dopn't know why," she continued. "And then they gave me a court-appointed attorney, and when he found out about the case, he knew there was a lot to look into, so they asked for an extension. Everybody agreed to the extension. The judge denied it. And that's the end. We were kind of shocked, and so we had to use what we had and hustle, and we got into court on the 20th, not really prepared, but we had a feeling that the judge already knew what he was going to do."

"On the good side, they respect the marriage; they're fine with it," she added. "The one thing in my corner was, it's possible that Jeremy can relocate to Oregon, and since we are a legally married couple, we are allowed to be with one another, and there's no problem. They [prosecutors] were fighting, saying that he's a felon, and it was basically overruled, and that was not an issue whatsoever."

Of great concern to the actress, however, is the fate of her custody battle with ex-husband Jesse James and his current wife, mainstream actress Sandra Bullock, over Janine's daughter Sunny.

"All in all, I'm not upset," she stated. "If this means starting from scratch and going up there and working at a donut shop or whatever, bring it; I'm okay. It's just another part of the adventure. One thing that is probably the most difficult in those four months will be being without my daughter, but we go back to custody court on February 1, and we'll see what happens with that. Now that this criminal court has been dealt with, I can go back to the custody case and say, 'This is the deal; where do we go from now?' And the light at the end of the tunnel is that on Sept. 7, this is all done with, and the good news is, I intend to get my daughter back 50 percent and be a happy wife with my other son and my two step-kids and put another bun in the oven and get a little country home and all is well."

Janine also intimated that when her legal troubles are over, she might like to start her own talent agency, and plans to take a business course to prepare for the venture while serving her time at the halfway house.

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