Jane Way Launching New Studio, Porn's Not Dead

TORONTO, Ontario—Jane Way, an adult performer and sex worker, announced the launch of a new adult film studio, Porn's Not Dead.

Way, who identifies as genderfluid and uses their platform to champion for performers with similar identities, founded Porn's Not Dead (PornsNotDead.net) as a legacy project.

“This will be an ongoing effort to create inclusive pornography for all, to hire and showcase performers of all body types, genders, abilities, and ethnicities,” Way said.

The site will be helmed entirely by Way as a producer, director, and owner. TROUBLEfilms’ Courtney Trouble was brought on as an online web director.

"I am thrilled to help Jane Way with this process, from conception to completion, because Way is talented in front of and behind the camera, represents a faction of androgynous trans identity that is not seen anywhere in mainstream media or porn," said Trouble, who is providing infrastructure and systematic support while Way completed the launch content.

Slated for release upon the site's launch will be more than 10 brand new and exclusive scenes available by either monthly membership or pay-per-video, and the ability to stream Filthy Fucking Luxury, Ways' directorial showcase debut.

“I have been putting my all into this project, and so has Courtney. I feel so blessed to finally be able to go forward with this project and I’m thankful for my fans and their feedback,” said Way. “This will truly be the filthy Jane Way fucking you’d expect. I’m collaborating with some of my favorite industry names to bring you exclusive new content with varying genres. There’s going to be something for everyone.”

For more, follow on Twitter.com/pornsnotdead, or email [email protected] for casting inquiries.