Jane Duvall of Jane’s Guide

Jane Duvall, "site goddess and jane-of-all-trades," is further self-described as "the one who decided in a foolhardy moment to take the plunge, 'just do it' and put [Jane's Guide] online back in June of 1997."

Jane's Guide is a one-stop portal to "the best in hand-indexed and -reviewed" adult links. The site features all genres of adult entertainment, from "highbrow erotica and fine art nude photography to XXX hardcore with no redeeming social value (well, other than entertainment... heh)."

Duvall was kind enough to take some time off from her post as adult Internet's guiding star for a quick AVN Online Q&A.

AVN Online: How the HECK can only five people be responsible for the massive undertaking that is Jane's Guide? You must work 100,000 hours a week.

Jane Duvall: The hours really vary. When I was recently doing just a minor revamp and redesign, it was 80-hour weeks for a couple of months. Now it's more just full time. I wish we had a larger staff; there is so much I want to do that we don't have time to implement.

AO: Was the creation of Jane's Guide a "Eureka!" moment, or had you reached a certain level of frustration in trying to find quality adult entertainment on the Web?

JD: Actually, at the time, we just hadn't surfed anything. I had my own pet project, which was a small content e-zine that used an AVS service. I had no idea how much was out there, since all my work went into creating and editing that e-zine.

AO: What's the most challenging element of running Jane's Guide?

JD: Keeping from getting burned out entirely. All of us take periodic breaks from reviewing, just because it's almost impossible to keep a fresh eye if you do it constantly. It gets to the point that nothing is even interesting.

AO: What's the most fun?

JD: The most fun for me is definitely when I do find some little gem that I feel is undiscovered. Usually these are in the form of someone else's labor-of-love site. When I get to bring an audience to those, and hear back from the people who run them, it makes my day.

An extended interview with Duvall and an in-depth profile of JanesGuide.com will feature in the August 2004 issue of AVN Online magazine.