Jamye Waxman Talks <i>Personal Touch 3</i>

NEW YORK – Sex educator Jamye Waxman investigates the often mystifying (at least to men) female orgasm in Personal Touch 3: Exploring the O, the latest in her sex ed series, just released by Adam & Eve.

“It’s about the myriad ways that women can come. And come. And come,” she told AVN by telephone from her home in New York City.

One of the five seminars that Waxman led at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo in January covered the same subject. Her aim was to show that “we can’t limit the experience of orgasm to just one thing.”

In Personal Touch 3, Waxman catalogues how women get off, “from clitoral orgasms to vaginal orgasms to anal orgasms to multiple.” She even discusses “think-gasms—a friend of mine is very big into thinking yourself off.”

In her series—the first two volumes examined sex toys and monogamy—Waxman has tried to avoid the “traditional” sex ed approach, “where someone talks for 20 or 30 minutes and then there’s a sex scene to highlight what’s going on.

“I wanted to really acknowledge that they’re both porn and education. So that couples can watch them and if someone in the couple is looking for some sort of real porn—that might be a bad word to use as a definition, but that kind of sex—they’re going to get that as well.”

She uses professional adult talent in her scenes but also “at least one real couple.” In Personal Touch 3 that is Daisy Layne and Dick Chibbles, who do the first sex scene, on clitoral g-spot stimulation, after Jamye details the “different parts of a woman’s anatomy” with the help of a vulva puppet.

The second scene, on female ejaculation, features Lyla Lei and Cytherea, and the third has Laurie Vargas getting an anal O from Alex Gonz.

“I wanted to bring up ejaculation,” Waxman said, “because it’s in a lot of movies and it’s a neat party trick for a lot of women. But I also wanted to acknowledge that it’s not necessarily an orgasm, it’s more of a release for a lot of women, something to let go of and let out of their body.”

With Lei she demonstrates “how to work your Kegel muscles” with the help of Candida Royalle’s Energie, a “kegelcisor” from Royalle’s Adam & Eve-distributed Natural Contours novelty line. Then “Cytherea comes in and she and Lyla basically masturbate to the point of ejaculation.”

Waxman said that Royalle is “ the reason I got into the adult side of the business” after working as a sex educator (with a masters degree) and author (two books: Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation and Women Loving Women).

“I saw someone like Candida and I knew there was a chance to help expand the positive vibrations around adult entertainment. She’s just a light in my life.”

The two collaborated as producer and director on Femme Productions’ Under the Covers and are planning some other joint projects.

For now, Waxman is quite pleased by the way Vol. 3 of Personal Touch turned out. “I love it. It’s my favorite. If I was allowed to have a favorite,” she laughed.

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