Jamie Gillis Makes The <i>New York Post</i>

NEW YORK - According to New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, AVN Hall of Famer Jamie Gillis promised to give up porn for good as a Christmas present to his girlfriend, restaurant owner Zarela Martinez.

Adams' Dec. 26 column features an interview with Gillis about his entry into porn back in the '70s and his approach to performing in adult movies.

"You don't usually stay in this business if you're shy," Gillis told Adams. "It's just like having sex at home. You concentrate on the woman. On what you're doing."

Gillis has made only a handful of XXX appearances in recent years; his online filmography at the Internet Adult Film Database ends in 2004. Director Joe Gallant told AVN that he was in talks with Gillis earlier this year about acting in a sequel to the classic roughie Waterpower, in which Gillis starred as a Travis Bickle-like enema bandit gone berserk.

According to the article, Jamie is currently writing his memoirs and celebrating five years with Martinez. For the full article, click here.