Jameson Signs with PPPCard

Club Jenna has signed an agreement with PPPcard to be its exclusive partner in marketing website content with the company’s anonymous payment cards.

“While I’m totally open about what I do, I understand that many people might have some good reasons for wanting to keep their interest in me confidential,” Jameson said. “But beyond being secure and absolutely private, PPPcard is an awesome solution because it is absolutely hassle-free and it keeps your personal information personal when you visit ClubJenna.com.”

PPPcard is on sale in about 6,000 retail locations throughout North America, including convenience stores, newsstands, and adult stores such as the Hustler Hollywood chain. The New York-based company plans to be in about 20,000 stores by mid 2006.

“We are excited that Jenna Jameson and her company have become our partner,” says Greg Moss, president and chief executive officer of PPPcard.net. “She is unquestionably the No.1 adult star of all time, and her ClubJenna.com really rounds out our current offering of top adult sites that can be accessed with PPPCard.”

Other sites accessible with the card include offerings by Vivid, Hustler, and CECash.

The PPPcard can be purchased in denominations of $5 to $50 and then activated at PPPcard.net by entering the user name and password provided on the card. The cost of content or merchandise ordered on each visit is deducted from the card's value.