Jameson and Flynt Head to Ohio For Last Leg of Freedom Tour 2003

AVN Award winner Jenna Jameson, flew to Ohio today with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt to continue the Freedom Tour 2003 tour in celebration of the Fourth of July and First Amendment rights.  Record crowds have turned up so far at the Hustler retail stores in Hollywood and San Diego. 

At the first stop Monday night for the four-city, two-state tour, an estimated 2,000 fans lined up along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to get an autograph from Jameson and Flynt.  On Tuesday night in San Diego, an estimated 1,500 fans waited more than four hours to meet her. 

“We are used to big crowds whenever Jenna appears to sign autographs, but this has been amazing,” said Linda Johnson of ClubJenna, Inc. “There were people up four-deep from eight in the evening until past eleven in both L.A. and San Diego.” 

Jameson and Mr. Flynt flew early today toOhio for a noon appearance at Jimmy Flynt’s Hustler Cincinnati (411 Elm Street, Cincinnati, 513-421-7323) to be followed by an evening appearance at the Hustler store in Monroe (1038 Lebanon Street, Monroe, 513-539-6969).