James Deen to Deliver Keynote for UW-Madison Sex Health Fest

MADISON, Wis.—AVN Male Performer/Crossover Star of the Year James Deen serves as the keynote speaker for the University of Wisconsin—Madison's Sexual Health Fest this Thursday, April 18.

Deen's address, dubbed “A Night With James Deen: Pornography & Sex Ed,” marks the highlight of the Fest, a month-long series of events raising awareness for all aspects of sexual health, presented by campus peer-to-peer sexual health resource Sex Out Loud.
“I love going to college campuses and opening up a dialogue with students about the role of pornography in society,” Deen said. “I believe educating people about pornography—what it is, the purpose for it, and its relationship with modern sex education—helps teach individuals to achieve personal growth and self-discovery.
“In my opinion, dispelling the shame many associate with sex, by teaching people to communicate with a partner safely and explore personal desires with consent, can only lead to healthy sexuality,” Deen added. “Thank you to the students of UW-Madison for inviting me to be a part of their Sexual Health Fest.”
"As an organization dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism, we are delighted to be welcoming James Deen as our keynote speaker for this year's Sexual Health Fest,” Sex Out Loud program coordinator Sam Johnson stated.
The University of Wisconsin’s student paper, the Badger Herald, profiled Deen earlier this month. To read the article, click here.
In addition to the University of Wisconsin appearance, Deen has addressed students this year at Washington University St. Louis and Pasadena City College, his alma mater.