Jack Napier Signs Two-Year Exclusive with Vouyer Media

LOS ANGELES - Vouyer Media has signed performer/director Jack Napier to an exclusive two-year contract. contract with the company. Finalized yesterday afternoon, the deal calls for Napier to direct and star in a variety of new projects for the label.

"I'm excited about this on many levels," said Vouyer Media founder Vince Vouyer. "His movies have looked great, and the covers have been fantastic. We have a great rapport with Jack and all the hard work over the last year has paid off."

The number of movies Napier will produce under the new contract has not yet been determined. However, the director assures his fans that he will deliver the quality that has made his past Vouyer Media productions a success.

"Ultimately, I try to cover all the bases by making the best product possible," said Napier, whose movie It's Big, It's Black, It's Jack was nominated for AVN's Best Interracial award last year. "I like exploring the various niche markets, and supplying them with a superior product."

Added Vouyer Media publicist Daniel Metcalf: "Jack is a genuinely likable guy, and this is something that the media has responded to from the very beginning. He's articulate and thoughtful, and has proven himself a great spokesperson not only for the company, but for the industry in general."

Vouyer sees the deal with Napier as another coup for his company. "The punk midget has done it again!" he said. 

For more information about Jack Napier, visit his Myspace page at www.myspace.com/goofballent. Fans in the Houston area can catch the director in person at the Lone Star Pornutopia II expo on Nov. 7-10. 

Vouyer Media is online at www.vouyermedia.com.