Jack Napier: <i>Too Bu Ku</i>?

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Jack Napier takes on Asian girls in his latest directorial effort for Vouyer Media, Too Bu Ku.

But this is more than just a fuck flick, according to Napier.

"This is an edu-rotica, if you will... a look at what is Asian, what isn't Asian," Napier told AVN. "This is an educational look at the American view on Asian women. I didn't know what an Asian girl was, and it dawned on me when I was shooting my first scene, when I told her this was an Asian movie and the girl [said], 'Well I'm not really Asian. I'm Filipino ... Filipinos aren't Asian, we're Pacific Islander."

Napier was unaware of the distinction despite having a lot of Filipino friends, he said, and so he began wondering what other misconceptions he and the rest of the non-Asian population might be harboring.

"There were three things in this movie I wanted to cover," Napier said. "One: What is Asian? Two: What are some of the stereotypes that they're sick of? And the third thing was how do you get an Asian woman into bed? I just want to know! I'm Joe Common Man!

"So I had a whole lot of questions that I asked before I pummeled the hell out of them," he said. "I touched on some of the wildest things that I've ever heard, from the bad driving to the dog eating. If you can think it, if you've heard it, I asked it. And obviously, there's a lot of things that I don't necessarily know and would like to learn, so there will more than likely be a volume two."

The title comes from a line in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket ("Soul brother too beaucoup!")

"This is basically a cute way to market the fact that I am big, doing a bunch of Asian girls, and that is it," Napier said. "It was just the perfect way to say, 'I am going to put this big black dick in a bunch of Asian girls.'"
Too Bu Koo stars Lana Croft, Mika Tan, Jessica Bangcock, Dawn Ivy and Lana Violet, plus Max Makita in a DVD bonus scene.

Too Bu Ku is available now. For more information, go to www.vouyermedia.com.