IVD Streets Jim Gunn's 'I Kissed A Girl'

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.  - IVD has released I Kissed A Girl, the first DVD in a new softcore series from Florida-based director Jim Gunn.

"This is something I really believe in and wanted to try as an experiment," Gunn told AVN. "And it was more successful than I thought it would be - it's very spontaneous and real."

Gunn spent over a year shooting the movie in a variety of Florida locations, including a rock concert in Ft. Lauderdale, the Fantasy Fest in Key West and nightclubs around South Beach.

"I went all over the place with a couple of hot chicks as hostesses and a bag full of 'I Kissed A Girl' tee shirts and I was amazed how quickly the girls came running up to us," said Gunn. "They asked, What do I have to do to get a shirt? I told them, you have to kiss your friend or one of my girls or both –  and a lot of them did."

The premise inevitably invites comparison with 'Girls Gone Wild' - in fact, Gunn shot some of the debut volume in Panama City, where 'Girls' boss Joe Francis' legal troubles began. 

"It’s a Spring Break theme, but I wanted to do something very specific," Gunn said. "I wanted to do girls kissing because I’ve always been a fan of girl/girl action. It's my forte."

The soft series is a departure for Gunn, who made his bones directing with such hardcore lines as Strap-On Sally for Pleasure Productions. 

"I saw an opportunity to do something in the market that was softcore instead of girls shoving dildos in each other," he said. "I really cared a lot about getting the audio – what’s your name, where are you from, and so on. So you get the whole negotiation and you hear them make that decision right on the spot."

Those negotiations weren't always smooth for Gunn and his crew.

"It was pretty hectic filming in crowds of mostly intoxicated people in all these different places," the director explained. "For example, more than once we got into altercations with some fratboys or drunk, angry boyfriends of the girls we were talking to out in the street at night which resulted in us having to talk or push our way out of the situation before it turned bad in a hurry. Plus we had a few run-ins with various parties including some property owners and security guards that wanted to kick us off what they were calling their private property near the beach which actually was a public area."

The director went on to describe another confrontation with security guards at a concert hall.  

"They asked me to show them my camera because they said that we were causing a disturbance, but they couldn't confiscate my miniature combo still/video camera that I was filming with that day because it didn't have a detachable lens and that was the criteria posted on the entrance of what amateur cameras were allowed in," he explained. "With a little bit of tact and fast talk we were actually able to talk our way out of each situation without losing the footage or getting our asses kicked, so all's well that ends well!"

Joining the cast of amateur coeds and wannabe models in the movie are adult performers Katrina, Kelly Kline, Jenny Hendrix, Renee James and Kylie Kennedy.

I Kissed A Girl is available now. For retail orders, email [email protected], or call (609) 426-1777, ext. 237.