IVD Becomes Daring Media Group's North American Distributor

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – International Video Distributors has signed a deal with upstart European company Daring Media Group to be the exclusive North American distributor for all of its products.

IVD will release Daring Media’s movies under the new banner of "IVD Exclusives."

Daring Media Group, which is based in Barcelona and launched in October of 2006, specializes in high-end feature movies such as Roma, a trilogy directed by Antonio Adamo. Daring’s other features include Bondage Thoughts and Wham Bam Ibiza.

“Daring Media Group is a large European manufacturer that is putting out very high-budget, unbelievable product in today’s market,” said IVD president Frank Kay. “We have the North American distribution rights for all sorts of media. The contract was just signed and the product will be available soon.”

The new deal with Daring further diversifies IVD’s distribution interests. The New Jersey-based distributor already releases product for Girls Gone Wild, Pulpo Inc., Matt Zane Productions, Tom Byron Pictures, New Porn Order and Incredible Digital, as well as its flagship Pleasure Productions movies.

“We’re very excited about carrying this new product. It definitely brings a higher quality product into this tough market that we’re in,” Kay continued. “Plus, we also have the opportunity for future rights in the video-on-demand, satellite TV and cellular markets.”

Kay said the deal had been in the works since prior to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in January.

“We think this could be the start of a long and prosperous relationship,” Kay said. “We think the market will enjoy this product. They’ve done a great job. I want to stress that they make high-budget pictures using incredible locations. The girls are beautiful. The amount of people in their movies is just amazing. We’re pretty excited.”

Kay said that his company is positioned to make strategic decisions about who it does business with in the crowded marketplace.

“Right now a lot of people are coming to me for distribution so we are being a little picky at the moment. We feel we have a good foothold. Having three distribution points gives us a big advantage.”

The IVD owner said that his company is in the process of expanding its West Coast facility to able to house “at least 10 more salespeople.”

“Today we hired five new salespeople and we hired about 15 new employees in the last few weeks,” Kay said. While others in the market are downsizing, “we’re hiring people,” he continued. “We’re still growing. We still think there is business out there.”

Kay said part of his strategy is to assemble a family of manufacturers that “doesn’t hinder one another.”

“We took on Girls Gone Wild, which is one of a kind. We took on the Pulpo product, which is very unusual and different. Incredible Digital is very nichey, a different type of product,” Kay explained, “and we just took on New Porn Order, which has got that little wrestling flair with the the realty stuff. ... We’re trying to keep the mix different.”

Daring Media's parent company is Beate Uhse Group, which owns the largest chain of adult stores in Europe.