IVD Announces 'Remembering Marilyn' Sale to Satiate Consumer Need

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. - Distribution giant IVD has announced a "Remembering Marilyn" sales promotion to provide its customers with Marilyn Chambers product. Chambers' seemingly sudden death has triggered an insatiable hunger for movies starring the adult legend.

"We didn't want to rush something out and appear insensitive," an IVD spokesperson told AVN. "We know her incredibly loyal fan base is in mourning, as is the entire industry over a loss of such a great person. We've had so many requests for her DVDS this week; we wanted to make sure folks knew they could count on us to get product to them quickly, in time for the consumer demand. We're just getting the word out to stores that we have all of Marilyn's movies, as we know customers are coming in and asking them."

Marilyn Chambers' titles available through IVD include Behind the Green Door, Insatiable, Insatiable 2, Resurrection of Eve, Dark Chambers, and many more.

For sales, contact Jason Park at (818) 989-1570, ext. 233 or email [email protected]