It's Fun In The Sun In Joybear's ‘The Guesthouse’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Sexual escapades outdoors, featuring gorgeous European couples in the warm Spanish sun, are celebrated in Joybear Pictures' signature glamcore style in the UK studio’s newest DVD release, The Guesthouse.

“If you’re a fan of sex outdoors, The Guesthouse is definitely for you,” predicted Joybear Pictures Founder and CEO Justin Santos. “For me, The Guesthouse is one of Joybear’s most beautifully-shot movies. I am extremely proud of this film.”

“Joybear releases are absolutely top-notch, and the studio already enjoys a healthy fanbase in Europe,” noted Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio’s films are sexy, fun, and beautifully shot, with excellent talent. It’s our pleasure to make Joybear’s films available here in North America.”

In The Guesthouse, viewers are introduced to a unique location in the Spanish countryside: a place where visitors enjoy more than just the sunshine on their bodies. Each corner of the guesthouse is a perfect location to enjoy carnal desires al fresco.

A 2018 Toronto International Porn Festival nominee, The Guesthouse entices the voyeur at home to contemplate a holiday in the Spanish countryside, suggesting they come alone, or with a friend—just as long as they come. The award-nominated scene from the film features Julia Roca and Sicilia and is directed by Justine Mii, entitled “Pool Politics.” In it, Olive is keen to relax by the pool, but has to win over Felicia, who has a habit of hogging the sun loungers. Perhaps arriving early, naked, and asking her new acquaintance to cover her with oil for an erotic massage is the perfect way to break the ice…

“I [also] love the start of the scene with Cléa Gaultier and Anthony Gaultier, where two people find themselves unexpectedly in bed together,” added Santos. “The attraction is undeniable, yet who will make the first move, and will it be reciprocated? The anticipation is palpable. The whole team did a super job.”

The Guesthouse stars Julia Roca, Sicilia, Julia De Lucia, Bianca Resa, and Cléa Gaultier, opposite male costars Anthony Gaultier, Juan Lucho, Emilio Ardana, and Miguel Zayas. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

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