Italy Cracks Down on CP Sites

A recent Italian ruling will force Internet Service Providers to remove child pornography websites within six hours of being notified of their existence.

“The decree reinforces the fight against child pornography and the exploitation of minors through the Internet,” said Italian Communications Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

“We know of no similar law in the U.S,” commented Rick Louis, the manager of communications and government affairs of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, a U.S.-based organization fighting Internet child pornography. “However, large American ISPs, like Yahoo, immediately remove CP once it has been posted online.”

Louis noted that “CP is a criminal act in the United States. While there is no time element mentioned, here most large ISPs regulate themselves without prompting. The smaller the ISP or website, the more difficult it is to self-regulate.” Usually, the site is removed within 48 hours of notification, if not sooner, Louis added.

The Italian anti-CP order takes effect almost immediately. Italy’s penal code provides harsh punishment for the distribution and publication of child pornography.