Introducing Odile

SAN FRANCISCO—Red-headed (okay, so it's dyed) Odile hails from the "city by the bay," and has been doing the BDSM thing at since August of 2011—but now she's ready to hit the big time, having appeared in a handful of features for L.A. producers, none of which have yet seen the light of day, but hey, she only started doing movies less than two months ago!

"I live in San Francisco, a beautiful city, but I do think of Los Angeles as my second home," Odile told AVN on the set of B. Skow's Daddy's Girls, which will be distributed by Girlsfriends Films, for whom she's done three features, "and I'm always available to come down here to work with companies that are doing really exciting work, so please give me more reasons to come down to Los Angeles!"

Perhaps the key to Odile is that she's always looking to do something "interesting" in adult, which is why she gravitates to scripted features where she can really flesh out a character. And while she tries to book her work in three-day (or longer) blocks to make coming down from San Francisco worthwhile, offer her a couple of days' worth of a substantial role in a "real movie" and she'll be on that southbound bus in a flash.

"I always want to work with companies that do things that are more than just sex, sex, sex," she revealed. "Don't get me wrong: I like sex, but I like the acting part even more."

"We're expected to do a full feature film in two to three days," she added, "so the real challenge is so exciting and I really feel the acting, the quality of the work I see, any of us could go and be real Hollywood actors. So it's a test of our skills that we can bring these characters to life, we can take a story that is really far out there and make it something real, something accessible, and make it something people are going to want to watch. And I think one of the things I learned at Kink is that a lot of times the fantasies that we bring to life are things that people can't find anywhere else, but their fantasies are fulfilled by the work that we do."

Still, ask her what her favorite sexual position is, and the answer may surprise you.

"I like group scenes," Odile admitted. "I want as many hot bodies there as possible, all groping and feeling and fondling each other, filling as many holes as possible. There's not enough good orgy scenes out there. Let's make it happen! I'm available!"

Fact is, she's willing to try just about anything sexual.

We also asked her about her unique name, which has only been used by one other performer, a European woman, back in the late '90s.

"The name Odile I chose originally because of my work at," she explained. "One of the books that really influenced me to explore the BDSM lifestyle was The Story of O, written back in the 1950s. I did some research and found out that the character of O's real name is 'Odile,' even though it's never mentioned in the book, and now because I also really like switching, I like being both a dominant and a submissive player in my scenes, Odile really seems to fit my personality. I'm also really excited about the fact that the name of the black swan in Swan Lake is named Odile, and she is a devious, sexual, dark character who seduces and destroys with her sexuality. So it's great that I can play both the seduced and seducer."

We caught Odile's performance as the distraught wife in B. Skow's upcoming movie for Girlfriends Films, to be titled either Daddy's Girls or Crossing The Line (he hasn't yet decided), and we got to see her actually turn on the tears as she complains to BFF Darla Crane that her husband (Alec Knight) has been unfaithful to her. That's before the two gals console each other on the couch with plenty of licks and fingering, and with Odile displaying one of the better "orgasm faces" we've seen in a while.

Her agent is 101 Modeling, and she can be booked through them, or will respond to emails with job offers sent here.