Interview: Vivid Girl Allie Haze

From the moment Allie Haze arrived on the adult entertainment scene, you could tell she was unique. Articulate, thoughtful, expressive, with an effervescent personality—one can’t help but be captivated by her and drawn into her world.

Haze is that all-too-rare double threat—a seriously hot girl with real acting chops and an assured sex performer who’s grown into her current role as a Vivid Entertainment contract star.

Haze’s tenure at Vivid has started with a bang—literally. Allie Haze: True Sex was released in November to critical acclaim and the star performs her first cream pie and gangbang scenes in the movie. Quite a noteworthy beginning.

Future Vivid projects for Haze include her star turn as Rogue in the upcoming X-Men XXX: A Porn Parody and Wolverine XXX: A Porn Parody, both directed by Axel Braun. Also, Haze performs her first interracial scene in Allie Haze Is Blackmaled, from the mind of director Kimberly Kane.

AVN caught up with Haze in mid-December for an exclusive interview in which she talks about playing Princess Leia, her future projects, her AVN Awards nominations, and what it means to be a Vivid Girl.

Fans have been talking about Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody since it was announced in March, and you got to play such an iconic role as Princess Leia. She’s known around the world.  Were you a fan of the original films?
I was definitely a fan of the movies, mostly because of Harrison Ford. I was a huge Harrison Ford fan growing up. I watched all his movies and that’s how I got into Star Wars.

Playing Princess Leia was incredible. Getting to work for a director and crew that wanted to stay as close as possible to the original material gave me a bigger challenge as an actress to interpret someone else’s character in my own way while staying true to the role. I think it was as close as it could be but still being me and putting my own touch on it. I would freak myself out a little bit because I’d watch the originals and see how similar it was but playing the character in my own way.

When people think of the word parody, they think of comedy, or a humorous take on something. [Director] Axel [Braun] has such reverence for the originals that it’s more of an homage, even though there are plenty of funny moments.

The movie comes out at the end of this month. Have you seen any clips of it?
I’ve seen little bits and pieces here and there and it looks amazing. I’ll also say that I’m very excited for the second and third parts, which we’ll be filming, because as many of your readers probably know the first Star Wars was more about Luke Skywalker and establishing his character and back story as Leia was being held captive by Darth Vader.

I do have two sex scenes in the movie and in one of them I can tell you I blow Darth Vader (Lexington Steele).

How many new doors do you think this will open up for you? The comic book, video game and porn worlds are closer than ever. Do you think this role will expose you do a new demographic of fans who might not know you, or even be fans of porn at all?
Well, I think that large portion of “geek” culture—comic books, video games—is based around hot, kick ass chicks. So for the porn world to step into their world, I think there’s an immediate interest. Look at comic books and video games and it’s just loaded with hot chicks. Now, these guys might not watch porn, but there’s definitely an interest.

You’re known as a very talented actress. Did you have to audition for the role? This was all prior to getting contracted with Vivid, right?
I did audition, and I came as Princess Leia, in street clothes, but with my makeup and hair done—you know, I had the buns! I wanted them to visualize me as the character already. I had never met Axel before that day. I knew who he was and wanted to be in one of his movies since I started in the business. A year and a half in and I had never auditioned before, so to do it for him, and to get this part, was just very special.

I came to be contracted with Vivid about a month or so after Star Wars. I take pride in the fact that I wasn’t a contract girl and I got this amazing role. It all came together in a cool way. Prior to the Star Wars audition I had never shot for Vivid before. However, I did have a booking for a B. Skow project, which was going to take place about a week or so after the audition. I got cast in Star Wars and then did my booking for B. Skow. After the scene B. Skow asked if I was interested in being contracted. At first I was skeptical, but being a contract girl was a goal of mine since I first got in the business. So we talked about it for a bit and he said he would talk to [Vivid co-founder/chairman] Steven Hirsch and that I’d be hearing from them. This was after my first time working for them! I got a phone call the following week that they wanted to meet with me.

I was truly excited about this, and of course, a little bit nervous. So when I went in Steven explained to me that the studio was only going to add a contract girl under special circumstances, but that since Axel and B. Skow came to him about me separately, he wanted to meet me.

Being a Vivid Girl is a status symbol, something many girls want to be, but only very few actually get to do. You follow in the footsteps of some of the industry’s biggest stars. What does being a Vivid Girl mean to you?
It’s funny because I didn’t know a lot about porn before I got into it. I come from a very religious background, so as I go forward I’m beginning to learn more and more how special it really is. I’m happy about that in a way because I’m not jaded and can really savor the moment. It’s allowed me to really understand how hard the women before me worked so that I can have this opportunity now.

Your first movie to be released under contract is Allie Haze: True Sex. You’re in three scenes, including your first real cream pie scene and your first gangbang. Tell me more about the movie.
I’m really proud about this movie. I was a little nervous because like you said it would be my first Vivid movie, and I do a few “extreme” things and I wasn’t sure my fans would want to see it. I think a lot of people see me as the teenybopper, I crack jokes, I play the schoolgirl, the babysitter. I always joke that I want to grow up, but when the time came, I was nervous. Actually, this wasn’t supposed to be the first Vivid movie of mine released; it was supposed to be Star Wars, but when that got delayed, this got bumped up because I couldn’t be off the shelves for so long and everyone was getting anxious. I think having this movie be first, it was the right move.

You’re nominated for seven AVN awards this year, including in key categories like Best Actress and Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene. Anything you really hope to come away with?
You know, what’s really cool I think is my nomination for Best Tease for Elegant Angel’s Bush. It was a fun experience because I grew my hair out down there for my softcore movie, Emmanuelle, and I kept it that way. Anytime you work with Mason it’s really one-on-one and you’re so immersed in the project.

It’s also pretty funny that for someone who just recently did so many firsts on film, and everyone considers me the girl-next-door type, that I’m again nominated for Most Outrageous Sex Scene—an award I won last year!

Also, the Best Actress nom for Lost & Found is such an honor. I’ve worked really hard to be noticed for my acting. All of us collectively involved in that project still talk about it all the time because it was so much fun for all of us. It was almost like making a student film. Couples porn will prevail!

This article originally ran in the January issue of AVN magazine.