Interview: Sinn Sage, All-Girl Performer of the Year

This article originally ran in the March 2015 issue of AVN. To see the issue, which features coverage of AVN's January shows, click here.

When Sinn Sage entered the adult industry in 2003 at age 19, it was after thinking about having sex on camera for several years. Even without having access to the internet, she still managed to score some photo shoots through the back pages of the LA Weekly, and later was given a ticket to the 2003 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, where she made enough contacts to begin her career as a girl/girl performer.

"When I first got into the business, I had a serious boyfriend and we actually ended up staying together for nine years," Sage reflected. "So during that entire time, to me, it was obvious that I wasn't going to sleep with other guys. It wasn't really a question of should I or shouldn't I? My relationship was the most important thing to me and I wasn't going to sleep with other guys; I just didn't want to."

With more than 250 titles to her credit, all of them girl/girl or fetish, Sage feels that she was awarded All-Girl Performer of the Year as much for her entire body of work than just the handful movies in which she appeared last year.

"I feel absolutely wonderful about winning my award," she told AVN. "When AVN decided finally to make that a category last year, I felt it was long overdue. I've always kind of felt like a little guy, being that I only work with women, and despite the amazing work that I've done, it felt like it didn't get very much recognition because of that fact, and I know that there are others that probably feel the same, so I felt like it was a really nice thing that AVN finally opened that up and gave us a little opportunity for some recognition for our work as well."

Sage, who is known for her shattering on-camera orgasms, said, "I try to make everything as real as possible. I'm really passionate about fucking, I'm really passionate about being with women and pleasing women, so these are things I feel in my real life, and I try to just bring that to my acting.”

Above, Sinn Sage on the red carpet for the 2015 AVN Awards Show. Photo by PictureBoi/