Interview: Missy Martinez Takes Her Turn in the Spotlight

This article originally ran in the October 2015 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see a copy of the digital edition.

Had Missy Martinez decided to remain strictly a girl/girl performer, she would still be considered one of the top Latina performers working today. But when she made the jump to boy/girl scenes, the gamble paid off in great dividends for Martinez, culminating with the arrival of her first showcase DVD.

Titled Missy Martinez Fucked Ra and released by AE Films on September 24, Fucked Ra is her magnum opus. While young performers these days are given their own showcase features with barely a handful of scenes under their belt, Martinez’s slow and steady six-year climb harks back to the days when performers earned their stripes before gaining the respect of veteran performers. In other words, she literally and figuratively worked her ass off to achieve success.

Still, when it comes to defining unsung performers, her name surely comes to mind. Having done features and gonzo scenes and performed alongside established veterans, Martinez does feel her work has been overlooked by the industry over the years. “I feel I'm very much under the radar as a performer,” she said. “I think a lot of it had to do with my confidence as a performer, which I've recently found after all these years. My new scenes are like night and day compared to my older ones.”

Martinez’s days of being under the radar are numbered now that she’s starred in Fucked Ra. She was given lots of creative input in constructing the Cleopatra/Egyptian theme of the showcase. “I chose the name,” she explained, with Ra being both the Egyptian sun god and a play on the word raw. “I'm a fan of puns. I chose all the scenes and cast the movie. I wanted to give my fans a variety of scenes and include something I've never done before. I made sure I chose amazing talent to take the movie to the next level. I couldn't be happier with everyone and their performances.”

Fucked Ra features a lineup of new and veteran talent: Sarah Shevon, Adriana Chechik, Vicki Chase, Abella Danger, James Deen, Erik Everhard and Ramon Nomar. When Adult Empire reached out to her about shooting a showcase, Martinez said she was in disbelief at first and then all out excited about the project. “It's been a goal of mine in my six-year career, and I'm eternally grateful they chose to spotlight me and see what I can do.”

Cast in a boy/girl/girl scene with Martinez and Nomar, Chase gave thumbs up on her experience. "It was one of the hottest threesomes I've ever had the pleasure to be in,” Chase said. “It was an honor to be in Missy Martinez Fucked Ra.”

Martinez signed for Adult Empire this past January at the Adult Entertainment Expo, and she will be signing exclusively again with the company next January.

“Missy’s personality, looks, dedication to her fans, and overall sex drive were all factors in her being selecting for a showcase movie,” said Colin Allerton, director of business development for Adult Empire. “Last [January] at the AVN Expo, she signed at the Adult Empire booth and she really impressed everyone. Critics and fans will be blown away when they see the intensity of these performances.”

“Pre-orders for Fucked Ra have been coming in as far back as May,” added Adam H., vice president of Pure Play Media, the exclusive distributor of AE Films. “The people are excited. Customer anticipation for this release should be greatly attributed to Missy’s personal commitment to hyping and pushing the movie via her own promotional channels, not to mention that anything with Missy in it is a must-have.”

One scene in Fucked Ra that will make fans stand at attention is her first double penetration scene, in which she performs with James Deen and Erik Everhard. “It was an out-of-this-world experience. I enjoyed every second,” Martinez said. “I had worked with both James and Erik many times before, so I have a relationship of trust with them. They are both known for d.p.s so I knew my holes were in good hands. They were gentle and understanding and it ended up being an insanely great scene! I love those guys!”

Despite that enthusiastic assessment, Martinez vows this will be her one and only d.p. scene. “I wanted to make it extra special. It added that ‘exclusivity’ factor, and if people want to see me do a DP, they have to see this movie.”

Martinez, who already earned an AVN Award in 2012 for Best All-Girl Sex Scene, said that nominations and/or awards for Fucked Ra would be “icing on the cake” because she did the showcase foremost for her diehard fans. “As long as my fans are happy is what matters.”

And for fans who preferred her girl/girl work there’s another Missy Martinez showcase on the market. Cherry Pimps, which runs her site and has her “happily under contract,” recently released Missy Martinez Latina Porn Star. The all-girl showcase, technically a compilation of scenes she shot for her website, is a gift for fans who started out with Missy when she was a girl/girl performer. “I've had several websites before but none were at the right time or had the resources needed to really come to fruition. I joined the Cherry Pimps family last year to run my website and I couldn't be happier. … They let me have artistic and casting control, which is important to me.”

It’s just another milestone in a career that includes a Hustler magazine cover and a Doc Johnson mold. She describes the latter as one of the biggest highlights of her career. “Doc Johnson is such an amazing company and I'm honored they chose my holes to mold! Finally, all my fans will be able to have whatever part of my body they want to have their way with, anytime, anywhere.”

Now fully immersed in the world of boy/girl scenes, the self-described “butt slut” says her fans can expect more anal scenes in the future. “Absolutely! My butt just can't seem to get enough. You can expect more objects and wieners in it in the near future.”

But girl/girl will also remain a part of Martinez’s repertoire, having missed her chance to perform with one of her porn idols. “I started out doing just lesbian. I love the ladies. I’ve had the opportunity to get my paws on many sexy ladies. I would have loved to have worked with my idol, Tera Patrick.”

And as far as future ambitions, Martinez says directing remains one of her goals. “I have a whole list of scene ideas and titles. Some tame while others are really out there. I want to bring even more of my wacky personality into the adult industry.”

Speaking of wacky personalities, Martinez maintains a hilarious Twitter account (@MissyXMartinez) from which she regales her 420,000-plus followers with daily random observations about life and porn and whatever else is on her mind. “I always try to be more than a gaping asshole. Sometimes people take my jokes too seriously and I have to remind them I put dicks inside my holes for a living and to lighten up. Either everything is funny or nothing is funny.”

Asked about what she would include in a campaign platform if she ran for president, Martinez said healthcare would be the top issue. “Us performers need to make sure our genitals are in tip-top shape.” And if she were stranded on a deserted island, she would pick three performers who would keep her amused all day. “Dana DeArmond, James Deen and Phoenix Marie. I’d be entertained the entire time—plus we'd probably end up eating James after making him find food and construct a raft.”

Missy Martinez Fucked Ra is out now from AE Films, distributed by Pure Play Media. Producers wishing to book her can do so by emailing [email protected]

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