Internext: Cruising For Debauchery – The XBiz Industry Cruise

Even as I stepped onto the yacht that porn built for XBiz/GigaMix Industry Cruise on Saturday, August 2, I was regretting it. As rain began to pour from the sky like buckets of disappointment, I had visions of a floating vomitorium housed by shaky, green porn stars and delirious Webmasters, all trying to our stomach the choppy waters. 

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Photoshoot during Gigamix Cruise

But boy oh boy was I wrong!!! This turned out to be the best party of the whole Internext show!!!

The rain not only didn’t spoil the event, but enhanced it, by suddenly turning it into a wet t-shirt contest as porn stars and Webmistresses alike streamed in, clad in sopping wet shirts, nipples hard as rocks. Once we set sail, the rain mellowed to a cool mist, the waters were calm, and the music kicked up. To the sounds of ‘70s classic rock, three floors of party people toasted free cocktails and schmoozed.

Things got jiggy when co-sponsors Adult Lounge announced that three beautiful young ladies would be performing a sex show in the middle of the main room. Busty Victoria Givens, svelte Veronica Raquel, and an unknown blonde began having sex in the middle of the floor, first fingering and kissing, and soon getting anally intrusive with a silver dildo.

A second, private sex show was held upstairs on the upper deck for us press types, where a guy named Fabio joined in and got his dick sucked by Victoria and Veronica. Even the good Captain of the vessel was seen eating some pussy. All hands on deck, indeed! 

“We just wanted to do something different in Florida,” explained Adultlounge CEO Raffi Vartanian.

Well, sir, mission accomplished!