International Golden Panty Awards Announced

Panty Hog – The Used Panty Portal, has announced the launch of the 2005 International Golden Panty Award.

The Golden Panty Award is given by the used-panty fetish community to recognize officially a used panty seller of the year. Nominees for the Golden Panty Award are chosen by their peers and fans for having shown exemplary attention to customer service, provided quality products, offered assistance to others, and for having contributed to the general betterment of the used-panty community throughout the past year.

According to PK, Panty Hog’s site administrator, “Long gone are the days of the used-panty trade consisting of a few enterprising ladies hawking their goods through a now-prohibited eBay auction listing. Today the used-lingerie fetish trade consists of a sophisticated and international network of sellers and buyers doing big business via the Internet. Worn-panty selling, once viewed as a limited niche, has truly grown into a significant area of the adult entertainment industry. Adult video performers have their awards; it is high time that the hard-working women in the used-panty industry receive recognition as well.”

Nominations for the awards are being accepted through Nov. 30, with voting starting shortly thereafter and running until the winners are announced on Feb. 1.

The host of this year’s awards, Panty Hog – The Used Panty Portal, is a news, information, and discussion site for the used-panty fetish community.