Interest in Online and Mobile Gaming Increase at AOE

As AOE has continued to focus on new revenue streams and traffic generation it’s been evangelizing about the opportunity represented by online and mobile gaming.

While traditionally the response has been a cautious one, times seem to have changed. This is no more obvious than in the forthcoming trade show—Organizers have reported a record number of pure gaming delegates and promoters coming to the event.

“A significantly higher level of interest than ever before suggests that word has finally gotten out: AOE and World Telemedia delegates are the perfect partners,” says Sofia Hagerling, one of the event organizers. “Since the core attendees of these events have a wealth of experience in media, marketing, billing, and delivery, particularly across online and mobile platforms, partnerships can offer the inside track in terms of reaching content-hungry customers.”

With poker achieving a respectable profile due to the flotation of a number of companies, not least Party Gaming, the online gaming industry has become a respectable business and clearly a runaway online success. So will mobile do for gambling what poker did for the Web? Companies like 777Mobile, Spin3, and WorldPlay Media will attempt to answer that question at the show.

“The commercial reality will come from the unique attendee profile these events attract,” Hagerling says. “Our delegates pay a premium to attend these events, that’s why they’ve been attracting premium delegates for more than 10 years—more than 1,500 serious players network in one magnificent hotel venue with one thing in mind: serious traffic and serious money.”