Inna Innaki's SugarBabes TV Goes Big With 'Barbie' Parody

LOS ANGELES—Inna Innaki reveals the idea for her new Barbie in the Porn World parody came long before the mainstream film become a global sensation.

Innaki's rolled out the big-budget production to coincide with the Warners Bros. release of Barbie in July—and in less than a month the movie has become one of the most successful projects in the studio's six-year history.

“It seemed like a good opportunity since the hype around the original movie was massive but the idea was actually two years old!” Innaki tells AVN. “A Barbie scene is something Christy White wanted to do since she started working with us. We just needed to cast the right Ken for the role!”


The Greece-based producer/performer Innaki says Barbie in the Porn World is SugarBabes’ “most artistic project to date”—it was shot as a full-length movie with a one-hour sex scene.

Former “Greece’s Next Top Model” contestant Christy White—a 2023 AVN nominee for Best New International Starlet—and emerging stud Sakis Dermatis star as Barbie and Ken.

“Christy White and Sakis Dermatis were the obvious candidates within the SugarBabes team because they both look like real life Barbie & Ken dolls,” Inna says. “Apart from that, we invested a lot of resources in this project and we knew they were our safe bet. We knew they would deliver as they always do!”

SugarBabes shot the movie through Ken’s POV, beginning the feature with a voice-over in which Ken admits he fell for Barbie the first moment he saw her.

“He then proceeds to get ready to hit the beach with the other Kens because he heard the Barbie squad would be there and he wanted to make his move,” Inna says. “Little did he know that… let’s say Barbie had other plans…”


So Ken comes up with an idea to get her attention, explaining his thought process to viewers along the way.

“I don’t want to say too much, but let’s just say there’s a lot of unexpected plot twists involving all the Barbies & Kens!” Inna continues. “After many ups and downs he finally takes Barbie on an amazing date and they fall for each other.

“Later that night all the Barbies & Kens attend a party where they put on an amazing dance show and hook up with each other in various ways! After the party is over our protagonists leave the party together to—and I quote one of Ken’s lines—go fuck their brains out!” 

SugarBabes completed the principal photography in various locations in Athens, Greece, giving creative control and the directorial reins to Christy and Sakis—whom Innaki says are two of the most popular stars in Greece.

“Apart from starring in the movie, they also directed the whole project and wrote the script themselves,” Inna says. “Not only that, Sakis also edited the movie himself!

“They were both so excited and invested in the whole project that we as a company wanted them to express themselves in the most authentic way possible.

“We trusted them blindly and we are so glad we did it! It was released on the 23rd of July, just a few days after the original movie was released… The fans should definitely check it out on our website,"


It did not take long for Barbie in the Porn World to cause a stir in Greece, as many of the most well-known media outlets in the country ran with it from the get-go.

“It became a topic of discussion on many mainstream media outlets—newspapers, TV reports and tabloids,” Inna says. “The feedback we got was all positive… We are so happy about it... The fans are loving it!”

The breakout star White worked as a face model for jewelry brands, makeup artists and clothing companies before receiving national notoriety for her appearance on “Greece’s Next Top Model” in 2018.

She brought her background in modeling and theatre to adult, debuting on SugarBabes in 2021 and performing in more than two dozen scenes for Innaki’s studio and others in Europe in the past two years.

Christy tells AVN the opportunity to bring Barbie to life was one of the highlights of her career so far.

“I really wanted to work on this project from when I started with SugarBabes, that’s true!” White says. “It was like a dream for me, to play the Barbie and be an actual Barbie at least for the role.

“What I like from the Barbie character is the aura that she has, her style, her happiness. I think that I can relate a lot. I can see some parts of Barbie exists in my personal life.”

Christy continues, “It was so much fun. I was very anxious because I wanted it to be like the best I can give from myself. I tried my best and the experience was one of the best experiences ever! I was very happy and till we finished, I didn’t believe it.”


The performer—who earlier this summer signed a performance contract with Vixen Media Group—says Barbie in the Porn World was the first project in which she worked with her real-life partner Sakis all alone.

“We asked for the production to trust us,” Christy says. “We said our ideas. We worked on this for two months and we didn’t tell anyone. We wrote the script together and we gave all our power and fantasy talent.”

Born in Germany, White has been based in Athens since she was 18, traveling throughout Europe for work.

When she isn’t performing scenes, she has become a top draw at Kinky Opera, a high-end strip club in Athens known for its theatrical stage shows.

Innaki launched SugarBabes with her longtime partner Teo Sirina in 2017 in Greece. She tells AVN that every year SugarBabes continues to grow.

“Our projects are leveling up rapidly and we are gaining more and more recognition outside of Greece as well!” Innaki says. “There’s a lot to come… The Barbie project is not a one-off! It’s going to be a series!

“We’ve already filmed more Barbie scenes. Let’s just say that at some point Barbie wants Ken to meet her mom. Let’s leave the rest to the fans imagination!”

Barbie in the Porn World also features Jonathan Stone, Jake Silver, Andrea Cox and Linsey Fox in non-sex roles.




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