Industry Meeting on HIV Crisis Called for Wednesday, April 28

A meeting of adult video company owners, producers and talent has been called for Wednesday, April 28, 6:30 p.m., at Hustler Studios in Chatsworth.

The object is to discuss the current HIV crisis, occasioned by the discovery of two HIV-positive performers, and how to prevent similar situations in future.

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Speakers will include Dr. Sharon Mitchell of AIM Healthcare, as well as talent and production representatives, and legal counsel.

“We need to come come up with ideas and safeguards,” producer Suze Randall told Randall and director Clive McLean are organizing the meeting.

Possible safeguards that may be discussed include a two-week quarantine on talent who have been working abroad upon their return to the U.S. Also: having bi-weekly instead of 30-day HIV testing, with producers footing the bill.

Hustler Studios is located at 20932 Osborne St., west of De Soto and south of Nordhoff, in Chatsworth.

“Everybody should come,” said Randall. “We’ve got to work together to try to make this safe for everybody.”

The meeting is for industry members only, but an RVSP is required for admittance. No press or media representatives will be admitted.

Please RSVP to [email protected] or to Laura at (818) 718-5788, x258.