Indigo Delta Retains Distribution Rights to <i>All About Anna</i>

Indigo Delta Productions founder/Wicked Pictures co-founder, Brad Willis, has announced the availability of domestic distribution rights to the controversial English-language Danish film, All About Anna, starring actress/musician Gry Bay and featuring an appearance by acclaimed European adult performer, Ovidie.

Co-produced by Innocent Pictures and Zentropa Productions, All About Anna is an erotic comedy about a lonely young woman's search for love that's been charming and shocking audiences across Europe with its mixture of insightful humor and explicit hardcore sex scenes.

Co-producer Zentropa is one of Northern Europe’s biggest film production entities, known for such award-winning features as Lars von Trier's Dogville starring Nicole Kidman.

Shot in English, All About Anna is also notable for its use of "you-are-there" cinematography that captures the feel of picturesque locations across Denmark and France. The script's prologue and flashbacks were shot at sea on a Greenlandic icebreaker, a bittersweet conversation was shot in front of the Eiffel Tower, and the story’s emotional climax features such landmarks as Copenhagen’s Royal Castle.

To maintain a sense of realism that takes the concept of "method acting" to sexy new heights, the scenes in Anna’s apartment were shot in Gry Bay's actual home. Here, the film’s first major sex scene was performed repeatedly by the actress and co-star Thomas Raft in front of a huge window, witnessed by astonished neighbors while traffic passed by on the busy city street outside.

A mainstream television and film star in her native Denmark, Gry Bay has also toured Europe and the United States as a vocalist for acts as diverse as Kid Creole and Crispy/XPY. Readers of both FHM Denmark and Europe's popular M magazine have repeatedly voted her onto the magazines' 100 Sexiest Girls in the World lists.

A breakthrough mainstream celebrity in France, Ovidie has made a substantial impact with American adult fans thanks to her appearances in several big-budget Video Marc Dorcel productions that have been successfully distributed in the United States by Wicked.

Regarding the introduction of this hit European film to North American audiences, the film's U.S publicist Daniel Metcalf, told in a statement, "I prepared for this assignment by brushing up on the earlier films that have been compared to All About Anna. But in looking at everything from The Devil In The Flesh to The Brown Bunny. I noticed a continuous thread of guilt and shame running through the eroticism. It's as if the filmmakers wanted the performers to sacrifice themselves, to go through the motions and emotions of having sex for the audience, with the implication that the darker and more guilt-ridden the performances are, the more the audience would identify with the characters in the story."

He concludes by summing up the universal appeal of this special new motion picture by observing that "All About Anna, is, I believe, the first erotic mainstream film to respect and understand its audience enough to give them a happy ending."

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North American Distribution rights to All About Anna are represented by Willis of Indigo Delta Productions. Interested distributors should call 505.992.0725 or email [email protected]