In 16 Months, It'll Be (Jack) Hammer Time Again

TEHACHAPI, Calif.—AVN has received the following letter from veteran performer Jack Hammer, who's currently completing a 1991 prison sentence for armed robbery, which after he spent five years on parole, was reincarcerated in 2005 for violating that parole. The letter states the following:

"This is porn actor/sex performer Jack Hammer with over 380 XXX videos, reaching out from a California prison with just under 16 months to freedom—11-25-2013—asking to be welcomed with open arms back into the XXX family, as I am seeking work to get back on my feet.

"I am also looking for a place to stay till I get back on my feet, and am upset that my Wikipedia page is wrong and am seeking someone who will help correct all this stuff for me and they can have free advertising. Unfortunately, we have no computer access in prison, or I'd fix it all. I can't wait to get on Twitter and link everything together and start the ball rollin' to bigger and better things! You help me, I'll help you!

"Please, come one, come all, porn actresses, actors, CEOs, owners, producers, directors, fans, swingers and mainstream players—as I do have a S.A.G. card—who are generous, knowing I'll have their back. Write me directly to get to know the real me, and we shall go from there. I promise, you will not be disappointed as I've lived a very colorful life, with a lot more to say that is relevant today!

"Thank you! Have a great day knowing the world is a better place with you in it!

"Respectfully writing,

"Jack Hammer @

"Troy Dean Mainwaring, T-90327

"P.O. Box 1905, C2-129-L

"Tehachapi, CA 93581 - USA

"PS: I'm 1-1/2 hours north of Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley and open to get visitors, F.Y.I."

Editor's note: Hammer has a Yahoo group devoted to him, which can be found here.