Illinois, California Sex Shops Robbed

Monday and Tuesday saw the robberies at gunpoint of adult book stores in these respective cities, with the suspects in both cases still at large.

The Lion's Den in Atkinson was held up by two males in dark clothing and ski masks at approximately 4 a.m. Tuesday, with the clerk and two customers left unharmed, while Fontana's Adult Book Store was hit at 8:24 Monday morning by a pair of men whose weaponry included a black semiautomatic handgun. The culprits in both incidents escaped with undisclosed amounts of cash.

Investigators can be contacted at (309) 936-7600 about the Lion's Den robbery and (909) 350-7700 about the Adult Book Store robbery, if any information is available on either.

Reports on each robbery can be found at the following links for the Lion's Den and the Adult Book Store.