If It Ain't Red, It Ain't Red Light

In an aggressive and ingenious move to combat the rampant piracy affecting releases from Red Light District Video, company owner David Joseph found a simple, yet effective way to curtail the distribution of bootleg DVDs flooding the marketplace. He’s implemented a red disc with clear, vinyl cases that will clearly show that the product inside the case is the real thing.

“We’ve had more pirated copies of One Night in Paris sold than original DVDs and I had to come up with a way to try and stop it,” Joseph said in an exclusive statement to AVN.com. “That’s just one of the hundreds of titles we have and being one of the more popular companies in the adult industry, we’re particularly vulnerable to criminal activities where it seems some people will stop at nothing to pirate, steal and sell our movies. We’re not going to take this lying down, and this is only one new step to make it more difficult to dupe our product.”

Red Light District is in a unique position in the adult industry as they’ve been able to develop a special dye for DVD discs that, along with clear cases and a clever view window, will not be available to any other replicator for the foreseeable future. Joseph went on to say that he’ll license his idea to Platinum X Pictures with a special look just for their packaging, which suggests that in the future, colored discs will become the choice of DVD companies.

“There’s going to be people out there who won’t care if the movies are pirated or not, but with this new technology, we’ll able to see at a glance what is real and also both parties involved in an illicit sale will now be liable for federal charges. Thieves will think twice before taking on Red Light District and we intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any and every party involved in illegal duplication of our materials. Catching crooks is going to be easier now and we’re also raising the stakes when it comes to rewards for arrest, prosecution and conviction in a case of piracy of Red Light District and now Platinum X Pictures movies. We’re increasing the reward to $100,000 for any information leading to a conviction.”

Red Light District will release their first red disc title, Fuck Dolls 4, directed by Jake Malone on May 2, 2005, with a pre-order date of April 18, 2005. Platinum X Pictures will release their first title with their own color coded disc and package with Bell Bottoms 3, directed by Brandon Iron, on May 3, 2005. Pre-order date will be April 19, 2005.

We’ll have it here at AVN.com first, for the world to see on the pre-order date of April 4, 2005. For further inquiries contact: Ralph Ceglia at 800.288.1077. For Platinum X Pictures, contact: Debbie Schwarz at 818.886.6821

For more information on Red Light District Video, and how to find out more about the $100,000 reward for the conviction of pirated DVD product, go to www.clubredlight.com.

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