iBill Makes CMI Process Change

In an effort to meet the new Visa requirements, iBill.com (Internet Billing Company, Ltd.) announced several Commerce Management Interface (CMI) system changes to be launched as of this afternoon. One of the major changes that will affect iBill clients is a new process for reviewing and approving sub accounts. New sub-accounts that contain a URL not previously approved by Visa will go through several new steps.

“Visa has and will continue to incorporate changes that, in their view, help reduce fraudulent transactions and the resulting chargebacks,” said Al Duggan, director of marketing communications for InterCept Payment Solutions, which recently acquired iBill. “We understand their desire to meet these objectives and we set our systems up to ensure we are compliant with these requirements and those of all the major card associations.”

iBill is a provider of turnkey e-commerce solutions for businesses around the world. The company serves as a merchant to enable clients to accept and process real-time payments for goods and services purchased over the Internet.

“Visa has incorporated a new process that will impact our clients,” Duggan said. “The revised process will filter URLs to ensure they are approved by Visa. The filter checks the URL and the business' DBA name, which is indicated in the descriptor. If the URL has not previously been approved or the descriptor doesn't match, the transaction is declined.  We are revising our process so that Visa approves the new site up front.” 

With the new changes, if iBill’s system detects that new URL in a sub-account has not already been approved by Visa, then that client will receive CMI message that states the URL status is pending approval. If Compliance approves it, the new URL will be sent to Visa for final approval. Once iBill receives Visa approval, the URL status is changed to “approved.” If Visa declines the URL, the status is changed to “declined”; Compliance enters a reason for the decline, and a message is sent to the client and is logged in the CMI Message Application. 

During this process, clients will not be able to accept Visa transactions until final approval.

“The most significant benefit to our clients is reduced processing interruptions,” Duggan summarized. “However, both iBill and our clients benefit from the resulting drop in fraudulent transactions and reduced chargebacks. That's a goal we must continue to share.”