<i>Vivid's Debbie Does Dallas...Again</i> Arrives on Blu-Ray Disc

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Entertainment sales manager Howard Levine confirmed today that the long-awaited Blu-ray edition of Paul Thomas' Debbie Does Dallas...Again has arrived in house following a series of delays. The disc ships to stores next week.

"The Blu-ray edition was delayed because it had to be done correctly and we could not compromise the quality," Levine told AVN. "We wanted proper licensing and copy protection; that's just the way we do things. This is really the first true adult Blu-ray disc - it plays on all machines, not just some of them. We didn't strip the copy protection, and we didn't burn them at home. It's the real deal."

Debbie has arrived on Blu-ray just in time for Showtime Too's upcoming re-broadcast of the reality show on the making of the film, which kicks off July 4. A complete broadcast schedule is available online at Showtime's website.

"We’re excited about Showtime re-airing the series," Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch told AVN. "It did very well the first time around, and I believe that’s why they are re-running it so soon. We definitely had some replication and authoring issues along the way, and we wanted to be sure that it was perfect before we moved forward and put it out – the discs are now here, they’ve been tested and they're ready to ship."
Vivid-Alt honcho Eon McKai's take on the Debbie mythos, now called Debbie Loves Dallas, will street on August 8. "Eon will be blogging about the movie on the Debbie Does Dallas...Again website, and we’ll have photos from the movie and previews and other surprises," Hirsch said.

Vivid is now taking pre-orders for the Blu-ray Debbie at www.debbiedoesdallasagain.com.

For sales, call Howard Levine at (866) 466-6969 or e-mail [email protected]