<I>Vanity Fair</I> Feature Vivid Girls

Three Vivid Girls are among the Hollywood "legends, big guns, and scene-stealers" in the annual roundup of entertainment industry elite selected by the top monthly magazine Vanity Fair.

The magazine selected Jenna Jameson, Taylor Hayes and Savanna Samson, all adult actresses for Vivid Entertainment, as part of their coverage of entertainment notables. They are featured in a luscious, highly stylized, double-page, four-color spread photographed by the famed David LaChapelle.

The three Vivid performers are in the company of other "legends" selected for "The Hollywood Portfolio" such as Daniel Day-Lewis, Diane Lane, Julianne Moore, Adrien Brody, and Martin Scorsese.

Vanity Fair includes brief profiles of Vivid and the girls alongside the photograph, which was taken last year on the French Riviera at the home of Elton John. The photo shoot became a news item at the time when Savanna Samson revealed to a reporter that the restroom in John's home contained "amazing male erotic art on the walls."