<i>Tailz from the Darkside</i> Wins Best Ethnic Release - Black

In a year that saw black product soar in profits and popularity, Darkside Entertainment's Tailz from the Darkside emerged triumphant in the especially competitive Best Ethnic Themed Release – Black category of this year's award show.

Founded in 1997, Darkside Entertainment was one of the first companies to dedicate itself to producing all-black product. And, despite being told an all-black video producing studio would fail, Darkside Entertainment owner Nicky Starks never faltered in his vision to bring an urban/hip-hop flavor to the market.

"If it hadn't been for Nicky Starks and my editor, Craig Daze, this wouldn't have been shit," said Tailz from the Darkside director, Devlin Weed. "They supported me in all my ideas. We took our time and fussed over a lot of things. We did it together."

Although Weed has been directing for some time now, this was his first nomination for his work. It was also his first title for Darkside Entertainment. "I've been directing for years, but nobody has given a fuck," laughs Weed. "For me, it was just an honor being nominated. I didn't think at all about winning. It still hasn't completely sunk in."

Weed lamented not being able to attend the show. "I'm pissed I didn't see it all go down," he said. "I was in my hotel room sick. My girl called me from LA and told me I won. Hell, my mom knew I won before I did."

As of this story, Darkside Entertainment's Tailz from the Darkside 2 has been written and is going into production.

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