<i>TABU </i>Becomes Family Affair

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes Damaged Pictures’ TABU.

The appropriately titled DVD pushes the limits of porn as we know it today with scenes featuring two sets of twins, a mother/daughter team and, as if that weren’t enough, a hermaphrodite that “fucks like an animal.”

The two sets of twins are Janine and Jasmine Fox, and Karina and Katarina Cortez. Lewis Adams, vice president of sales for Damaged, said the DVD’s behind-the-scenes romp is “the stuff of fantasies.”

The mother/daughter team consists of Priscilla and Vivien Sanchez. While they don’t technically perform together, they do suck, screw and swallow guys in the same scene.

“I’ve been in this industry longer than I care to admit,” Adams, who has also worked for Hustler and Jill Kelly Productions, told AVN.com, “this is our fourth release that’s coming out, we’re a brand new company, and we figured we wanted to put our strongest title out batting clean-up, and TABU is that title. How the industry is, the fans always want to see something new and different, and this is something different.”

The DVD, shot exclusively in Brazil, runs more than two hours and is a John T. Bone Production being distributed by Damaged Pictures.

For the record, retailers should not be afraid as there is nothing illegal in the title.

TABU streets Feb. 23 on DVD only. For more information go damagedpictures.com.