<I>Stuff</i> Magazine Features Ninn Worx’s <I>Inside Myself</i>

A new column in Stuff magazine entitled “Porn Spoiler” aims to review porn so readers can “spend more time with [their] kids.”

The column debuts in the October issue and features Ninn Worx’s Inside Myself, which stars former Ninn contract performer Anais.

“What can I say? I’m glad to see the crossover exposure,” director Michael Ninn said in a press release. “Having Inside Myself in a magazine such as Stuff definitely gives it a wider audience, and that’s what I’ve always aimed for with my features.”

Inside Myself was the only movie that made people in the office say, ‘Um...can I borrow that?’” Stuff reads. “Inside Myself is as sexy as it is extremely sexy. From sex to sex, this movie has it all. In fact, if this movie was any hotter, it would be, like, some sort of really, really hot thing. Probably, like, a billion degrees. Sorry if that’s a bad metaphor. I’m new.”

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Inside Myself features Mia Smiles, Nikita Denise, Mario Rossi and Scott Styles. Ninn Worx is distributed by Pure Play Media.