<i>Space Nuts</i> Featured In <i>The 40-Year-Old Virgin</i>

AVN’s 2004 winner for Best Comedy, Wicked Pictures’ Space Nuts is prominently featured in the summer comedy The Forty Year-Old Virgin.

Steve Carell plays the title role and in the movie, Carell receives Space Nuts in a box of porn he receives as a gift from a well-meaning friend and a snippet of AVN’s Best New Starlet 2004/Wicked contract performer Stormy Daniels’ sex scene with Trevor Zen is shown before the hapless virgin chooses to switch over to watch the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond."

After attending the cast and crew screening of the film, Daniels told AVN.com, “I think this movie showed Space Nuts in a good light and I think The Forty Year-Old Virgin is really good and that a lot of people will see it.”

Directed by Judd Apatow, The Forty Year-Old Virgin opens nationwide on Aug. 19. For more on the film, visit www.the40yearoldvirgin.com.

For more on Wicked’s Space Nuts, www.spacenutsthemovie.com.