<i>Pirates</i> Takes Best-Selling, Best-Renting Awards

Digital Playground's monumental 2005 release Pirates took home statuettes for Best Renting DVD and Best Selling DVD at this year's AVN award show. Pirates, which won 11 AVN awards during its initial release, continues to grow in popularity and profits.

"It's such an honor to be able to make a movie like Pirates and have it be received well by the fans," said award winning director Joone. "We're truly seeing a transition in the business where we can make a movie that not only works in the adult medium but also the mainstream media as well."

With Pirates 2 going into production, Joone faces the challenge of making sure the sequel lives up to his original movie. "The pressure I feel is all the pressure I put on myself," noted Joone, "Because I want to make it an even better movie."

"You know it's been out for almost 2 years now and everybody is still interested in Pirates," said Digital Playground's contract star, Jesse Jane. "People are still buying it. And, people are dressing up. It's like a cult we started. People keep coming up to me to ask 'when is the Pirates 2 coming out?'

"So we released a Pirates 2 teaser here at [AEE]. The CGI effects are built up so much more this time. It's gonna be crazier. We have such a huge fan base, mainstream and adult, ready for this movie. So many people—regular actors and contract people—want to be in this movie so bad. It's an honor. It's very cool."