<i>Pirates</i> Hits 100 Weeks on AVN's Retail Buzz Chart

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - At the 2007 AVN Awards, Digital Playground's Pirates scored an unprecedented victory, taking home the Best Selling and Best Renting Title trophies a year after its initial release. Today, the movie reaches another milestone with its 100th week on AVN's Retail Buzz chart.

"It's unprecedented that one title could remain at the top of the sales and rental charts for two years," said AVN President Paul Fishbein. "That doesn't even happen that often in the music business. With 12,000 new adult titles shipping each year, Pirates’ staggering sales figures confirm the real power of quality content coupled with pristine marketing."

Added Digital Playground owner and Pirates director Joone, "It's very exciting, and very encouraging, because I'm working on number two right now. It makes me want to work even harder to make it even a better movie than the first one."

Joone attributes the movie's astonishing success to "not looking at it as a porn film, but looking at it as a film that happens to have sex in it, and with that kind of approach to filmmaking, where you're looking at the right casting, the right subject matter, the right marketing, the right production values, everything."

Pirates II was originally slated to arrive in 2007 but Digital Playground has pushed back the projected release to ensure that the sequel lives up to its predecessor. Joone told AVN that the should arrive next year, and he hinted that it's going to be "a lot bigger movie than the first one."