<i>Oui</i> Magazine Party Drew Mainstream and Adult Stars

Last Friday, Oui magazine celebrated the republication of an interview from the 70s with a hash smoking, orgy-participating Arnold Schwarzenegger bythrowing a party co-hosted by Oui covergirl and Jill Kelly Productions contract performer Jenna Haze. 

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Recently married Jilly Kelly was present with her husband Cory Jordan, bringing the Jill Kelly Girls in tow. Angel Long made an appearance and Jenna Jameson was present as well, sporting trendy Von Dutch clothing, one of la-la lands latest fashion crazes.

Digital Playground performer Jesse Jane was seen alongside Angela Dodson from Spike TV's Joe Shmo.Radio personality Tom Leykis was also on hand.

The Oui Toy line, a joint venture with adult novelty maker Ben Wa and marketing and design team the RAD Group, was announced at the party.