<i>Operation Tropical Stormy</i> Kicks Off With 'Bang'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Stormy Daniels promises "more bang" in Operation Tropical Stormy, the sequel to her award-winning Wicked Pictures comedy Operation Desert Stormy, which is now in production.

Daniels, the writer-director and star, is working with a ten-day shooting schedule, two more days than she had for ODS. "We've added more bang-more explosions, more fights, more stunts, and those things take time," she told AVN.

Shooting will resume after a break for Erotica LA and continue for two days in Hawaii, finishing back in L.A. on June 17.

The sequel, Daniels said, has more budget and less script-it's "about 15 pages shorter" than that for ODS. One advantage of a sequel, she pointed out, is that the main characters have already been established so no time has to be spent on exposition. "We can jump right into the action."

The characters are Rachel and George, a married spy couple. Steven St. Croix, the original George, took a pass on the sequel and was replaced by Evan Stone. So the script has the character undergoing plastic surgery for security reasons. When asked who he wants to look like, he replies, "The porn actor Evan Stone." The doctor gives him a penis extension too.

Other returning characters are Agent X, Rachel's boss, embodied by Randy Spears, and British agents Jacks and Watson, played by Marcus London and Tony DeSergio. London has to endure hard interrogation at the hands of evil enemy agents, some of it involving a live rat.

Daniels laughed. "We have more animals this time, too: rats, white mice, a jaguar, Evan..."

The jaguar is a real one, and Daniels is counting on it being well trained, since they're going to tangle in a wrestling match. "It's supposed to wind up licking my face," she said hopefully.

There's also a lot of martial arts action with a couple of heavy-duty practitioners from the Hollywood mainstream, James Lew and Eric Chen. Joe Perez, another well-known stuntman, plays North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, the movie's key villain.

Daniels said she bought a "big old Monte Carlo" on E-bay to serve as Kim Jong Il's private vehicle. But she's not blowing it up like the jeep in ODS. Instead she's taking a dive onto its roof. She'll do the fall herself, then they'll cut to a shot of her double (the wife of one of the stuntmen) crashing into the car.

"We're saving that fall till the last shot," she said, "in case I wind up breaking my neck."

In addition to playing Agent X, Spears is doubling as assistant director. "Stormy's in almost every scene," he said, "so it helps to have another set of eyes on the monitor." He opined that her script is even funnier than the first time around.

Daniels herself appears in three of the ten sex scenes: one with Stone, her first-ever girl-boy-boy scene, with London and DeSergio, and a girl-girl with Sammie Rhodes. The latter was observed by AVN last weekend, and it's a high-energy scorcher.

Others in the large cast include Gianna Lynn, Shyla Stylez, Carolyn Reese, Mikayla, Devon Lee, Tommy Gunn, Tee Reel and Mark Wood. Francois Clousot returns as director of photography, with Mike Moz heading the art direction team.

Photo by Monstar.