<i>Money Shot Report</i> Pilot to Debut on GayWired.Com

Non-XXX website GayWired.com will stream the pilot episode of gay XXX-entertainment program The Money Shot Report in mid-September.

The announcement was made by Money Shot Report creator and executive producer Brett Drysdale who said the show would air for several weeks.

“This is huge, literally, for both the show and its sponsor/ advertisers," Drysdale said. "The mission of The Money Shot Report is to showcase and celebrate the depth and diversity of the gay adult industry in an informative, entertaining and arousing way while still keeping the show below XXX.

“We initially targeted the show at a large group of gay adult VOD sites such as NakedSword.com and others," Drysdale explained, "but to have a non-adult site such as GayWired.com realize the entertainment value of such a show even before the pilot airs is really gratifying. This type of mainstream media is exactly where I wanted the series ultimately to expand to."

Recently purchased by Here! TV, GayWired.Com bills itself as the leading online entertainment/ virtual community and editorial website for gays and lesbians. Its offerings include daily news, entertainment, travel destinations, health and fitness reports, and business news. GayWired.Com — and its GayWebMonkey partner websites including 247Gay.com and GaySports.com — reaches an audience of over three million viewers per month.

"Our show is the perfect example of ‘adult/ mainstream convergence’ — the increasing acceptability and credibility of the entertainment value of the gay adult industry, its stars, companies, and products," said Drysdale.

Matt Skallerud, president of Here! Interactive Media, stated, “We’re excited to be working with their team on debuting The Money Shot Report on GayWired.com. We’ve grown over the past eleven years in such a way that we’ve been able to embrace all aspects of gay life, from news to travel to the adult industry, while staying well below XXX content. We find The Money Shot Report’s production style follows this same direction, bringing the gay adult industry to life in a fun and playful way.”

Explaining why the initial mid-August airdate was changed to mid-September, Drysdale said, "The major gay adult sites already onboard to stream the pilot all felt it would be better timing for such a new, groundbreaking show to wait until after Labor Day. I might add, every one of them was thrilled by what they saw on the preview clip.”

A preview of the upcoming pilot and two of its segment openers is available at TheMoneyShotReport.com.

Money Shot co-executive producer, director, and editor Thor Stephans added, “We’ve also extended the length of the pilot from thirty to close to sixty minutes. We filmed so much great, entertaining footage over the last few months in so many different, fun places, I was reluctant to cut it down to a half hour. Besides, this is the pilot! It's our pitch to gay viewers of a future weekly series, and we want to blow everybody’s… socks off!"

For information regarding the upcoming pilot episode, please contact Brett Drysdale at 310-488-4546 or [email protected].