<i>Mandinka Parties</i>: Race and Reason From Chatsworth Pictures

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The boys at Chatsworth Pictures continue their provocative ways with the release of the company's all-new interracial line, <i>Mandinka Parties</i>.

Cram Johnson noted of the new series, "This is the evolution of cuckolding. Mandinka parties are when watching one black guy fuck your wife just isn't enough. We needed to really amp it up. It's a natural progression."

What is the underlying social motivation for the progression? Cram Johnson wasn't sure. "I don't know what it is," he said. "Maybe it's that white guys don't know how to fuck their wives. Maybe, as a race, white people are losing their ability to properly please women. I think more and more women are turning to black guys for their sexual pleasures. They want white guys to provide for them and make a nice home for them and their families ... but when it comes to just getting fucked, white women need black guys. I actually believe that ... and I'm white, which is sad."

Is Chatsworth Pictures trying to promote a new social agenda with the release of Mandinka Parties? It seems not, after talking to Cram Johnson. It's just comedy as usual. "I'm really optimistic about this movie. Plus, it's really funny. It's like all of our movies. The vignettes are really funny. The interactions between the performers are hysterical. The acting is solid. Holly Wellin is great."

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