<i>Little Red</i> Rakes in the Green for Black Market

James Melendy, owner of Black Market, is reporting strong sales for his company's newly released Little Red Rides the Hood, a black-dudes-on-white-gal video.

"We started shipping it to the east coast yesterday and the numbers are through the roof," Melendy told AVN. "Originally, it was supposed to be done by Todd Todd, but we had a conflict with his shooting schedule, so we gave it to Rick Davis. He did a 50/50 with us on it, and put his heart and soul into it."

The movie stars ultra-white girl Kissy Kapri (who, sadly, lacks a middle name starting with "K") of whom director Davis said, "She's a fresh girl, 18, out of San Diego and this is probably only the third thing she's done. She's perfect. Probably 90% of this movie is anal, and she took it all."

Melendy and Davis emphasize the humor that they placed in the movie, playing up the old Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Except in the fairy tale, Red doesn't get sodomized by 10 well-hung black men. Melendy said, "We put in a few little different things. When she walks in the door, we put wolves' heads on the guys and a piece of steak on her face. It's comical."

Asked where he found a game little chicken like Kapri, Davis said, "We found her through Mia Bangg who's a good friend of mine. You know Mia runs Extreme Models out of San Diego where she lives. I asked if Kissy would do interracial and gang-bangs, and Mia said she thought she could do it."

And would a Black Market movie be complete without performer Shorty Mac? It seems unlikely. Davis said of Mac, "He was the caboose at the end of the train. It was hilarious. You have to see her face after he pulls it out and nine guys have already done her."

Sounds like she earned her pay that day.

Little Red Rides the Hood is available now from Black Market.