<I>LA Weekly</i> Covers L.A.'s Sexiest

LA Weekly columnist Stephen Mikulan wrote up the L.A.'s Sexiest contest held at Venice Beach last weekend, intrigued by the admittedly subjective nature of the competion.

Noting that in Los Angeles, "Maintaining and flaunting one's sexiness, after all, is something of a civic responsibility in this town," Mikulan interviewed each of the judges about what criterion they were using for scoring.

"I like big tits, a bubble ass and gold skin," said standup Todd Sawyer, one of the judges, about what he looks for in women. Men went under different standards: "First, if I can use his dick as a jump rope, he gets extra points. Then I'll hit him with a math question."

"They shouldn't be ugly," said Starr 98.7 deejay Lara Scott, another judge, about rating men. "They should also have a nice package, tight abs and a great smile. But no hairy backs – I grew up in Florida and would see a lot of hairy guys on the beach. It had an effect on me."

"It's like me being a madam," explained Heidi Fleiss, who was the third judge for the competition. "Are you going to make my cut or not?"

The event determined the semifinalists that will compete in two weeks at the Convention Center as part of Erotica Los Angeles.

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