<i>Hot Video</i> Distributes <i>Corruption</i> in France

Hot Video magazine has signed a deal with producer Bo Kenney to distribute his multiple AVN award-winning title, Corruption, in France. The video will be made available in the May issue of Hot Video magazine and is set to coincide with the country's presidential elections.

"Releasing Corruption at the same time of the French elections is very good way to merge porn and mainstream," said Hot Video's Paul Jerome. "Talk of the French elections is on everyone's lips in our country right now. We are trying to find synergies between mainstream news and the porn industry. Despite having very modern and very hardcore sexual content, Corruption is very close to mainstream movie quality. It's not the same old porn story."

Hot Video magazine has been distributing popular adult titles through its magazine for the past two years. With a monthly circulation of 126,000, Hot Video has become an avenue for French people to discover the best of American and European adult entertainment. Most recently the magazine has distributed Wicked Pictures' Curse Eternal, Vivid Video's Fade to Black 2, and the Kenney-produced L.A. Vice

"After having bought L.A. Vice, we discovered that Bo Kenney is a very ambitious producer, insistent on quality, and focused on the future just like Hot Video is," said Jerome. "We think he and the Corruption movie truly deserve their awards and success."

"As our business model evolves, it is increasingly important to look toward international markets to create new customers via our broadcast, DVD and VOD platforms," explained Kenney. "Hot Video is a great publication to be associated with, so we're happy to participate."

"The Hot Video promotion in France is a marketing tactic designed to increase our international appeal to consumers," echoed Jeff Mullen, owner of All Media Play, Corruption's publicist. 

The May issue of Hot Video magazine, featuring the bonus Corruption DVD, will be available on April 20.