<i>Debbie</i> Does Tokio

Vivid Entertainment took over the Tokio nightclub in Hollywood Thursday evening for the official L.A. release bash in honor of Paul Thomas' latest big-budget spectacle, Debbie Does Dallas…Again. (photo gallery)

Hosting the party were Vivid Girls (and Debbie stars) Cassidey, Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander, and the turnout was high as fans and other adult personalities packed the small club to capacity.

AVN.com chatted briefly with Leone about her just-announced decision to start performing boy/girl scenes, which she said was part of her ambition to take her image up to the next notch from the cute, sweet girl type.

"It's just hot," she commented about sex scenes with a man. "Every time I've done a threeway scene where there was a guy there, I've wanted so bad to just jump in there!"

Leone will only be performing b/g with her fiancé, Matt Erickson, but she said convincing him to do it wasn't very tough. "At first, he was like, 'Well, maybe I'll do it if you never see my face,'" she explained, "but then he said, 'Oh, who cares if anybody sees my face? Yeah, I'll do it.'"

Also in attendance were Vivid producer Shylar Cobi, writer/director Justin Kane, Jason Sinclair, Satine Phoenix, Victoria Sin, Tony Batman, Greg Lansky, Joel Lawrence and Maria Menendez. 

Free copies of the DDDA three-disc DVD set — which includes the original Debbie Does Dallas — were handed out to partiers who arrived early. For everyone else, it's on shelves now.

Photo of Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander by GP.

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