<i>Debbie Does Dallas...Again</i> Blu-ray Streets Today

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Entertainment's long-awaited Blu-ray disc edition of Debbie Does Dallas...Again streets today, and the anticipation is high. The Paul Thomas feature marks the first licensed and copy-protected Blu-ray release of an adult title to hit the marketplace.

Vivid's national sales manager Howard Levine told AVN that Pulse Distribution has been flooded with calls from consumers inquiring about the Blu-ray disc's availability.

"I've never had consumers call here for any particular item as much as this one.," said Levine. "We're getting calls from distributors and retailers, but consumers seem to outweigh those phone calls on the Blu-ray by three to one. They're calling up asking, where do we get it? We don't sell direct, but we want to make sure everyone gets it, so people can call up and we'll direct them to a store or distributor that has it."

"We've been anxiously awaiting the first adult Blu-ray title to hit our shelves--almost as much as our customers!" added Adult DVD Empire's Mike Barry. "We've had a great deal of customer interest in this title, and that is undoubtedly attributed to the strength of the title Wivid chose to release. Ee've had an enormous amount of prebooks for Debbie on Blu-ray; as usual, Vivid is right on top of the latest technologies."

While the market for high-definition porn on Blu-ray and HD DVD has not yet reached its potential, Levine feels that retailers have underestimated demand for adult content on the next-gen disc formats.

"Some retailers are resistant to new technology," Levine said. "If you liken it to when DVD came out and VHS was very popular, it's like they're saying 'I don't want any DVD, the VHS is good' – they've got to realize that there are over 3 million PlayStation 3 machines out there, and that's just in the United States."

Levine told AVN that the first run on the disc is close to sold out. Vivid is now replicating a second pressing.

To order, call Howard, Dave or Nicole at Pulse Distribution at (866) 466-6969 or e-mail [email protected].